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On Tour

Join The Adventure Across America With The Bathe To Save National Tour Across America

  •  HydroDog mobile Pet Grooming, Wahl, the Greater Good and the Animal Rescue Site have joined us as we travel across the U.S.
  • The Bathe To Save Tour was the brainchild of our incredible kids, Bella 14, Austin 13 and Aria,11 who saw a need and decided they     wanted to work hard and create a massive impact with a unique solution.
  • Our family has taken a year and a half off from ’normal’ living, crossed continents and embarked upon a 50 state, 150+ city tour around the US to raise money and awareness for animal rescues and to expose the benefits of animal adoption spreading the message: “Don’t Shop…Adopt.”

Join the Amos family in their continuing adventures across America in the exclusive Animal Planet show, airing Saturday mornings at 8:30 am Across the United States. 

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